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Timelessly modern

White always creates the illusion of space and has a timelessly modern effect. This is why our exclusive fronts in a glass look are now also available in Alpine white: an exceptional look with exciting depth effect. A strong contrast: the matt, deep black worktop Xtra Ceramic.









The niche cladding in a wood appearance sets the stage for this particularly elegant design. Design highlights: the fronts in warm

colours with optical depth effect. An exceptional glass appearance with a slightly metallic shimmer. The best backdrop for the exclusive fronts in an exciting look that is only emphasised by the edge geometry.





Smart and beautiful! The U-shaped design has so much more to offer than just elegant design. It surprises with intelligent details such as a particularly smart access door solution in cabinet look for the connected utility room.









Pure design.

Less is more! Including when it comes to the design of a kitchen: clear lines and emphasis on simple elements, this is what pure enjoyment looks like. For us, high quality is all about the perfect interplay of design and function. The black glass fronts of the Climber wall units are modern but with a touch of luxury and can now also easily be opened manually.





Alpine White Matt/Satin Grey Matt/Lacquer Honed White/Lacquer Honed Satin Grey






The Fashion kitchen takes advantage of fine lines and in vogue solid colours to create a refined modern style. Part of the LINE N range, this kitchen is the perfect addition to a house which is chic and trendy.





White High Gloss/Ivory High Gloss/Satin Grey High Gloss/Red High Gloss




German Kitchens in East Antrim






The Flash range of kitchens utilize lacquer laminate to create kitchens that really maximise space. Whether your space is large or small, the kitchen offers practical solutions within a modern build. If you want to be bold, you can pick one of the colourful variations that will really get your guests talking.





White Ultra High Gloss/Ivory Ultra High Gloss/Mineral Grey Ultra High Gloss/Sand Ultra High Gloss/Alpine White Ultra High Gloss/Black Ultra High Gloss




German Kitchens in East Antrim



German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Focus Range




The railing handles of the Focus kitchen create a unique look that really add a unique touch to the look and feel of your kitchen. The ergonomic design of the fixtures and fittings mean that the kitchen provides practicality as well as beauty.





Industrial chic.









Industrial style interiors have an appeal all their own, a certain, something special. The design – with its rough brick, combination of matt lacquer fronts with a table top in slate grey concrete appearance and the real wood floor - perfectly captures an urban vibe. And you don't even need to move into a warehouse to experience industrial chic. Our niche claddings with digitally printed motifs even lend an industrial touch to small rooms.





Kitchen culture with a professional look!









If you would like to take the professional look of your kitchen to the next level, then this front in Brushed steel décor is the perfect choice. The front contributes to the style-defining Stainless steel appearance and lends a touch of industrial chic to the kitchen. Keeping upright panels and plinth panels in the same décor makes for a seamless look.





Mineral Grey/Sand/White/Satin Grey/Alpine White









The beautiful wood production of the Laser kitchen creates a stunning room that merge the functions of cooking, eating and living. The large doors and storage capabilities mean that you have a number of spacious places for storage.





White High Gloss/Ivory High Gloss/Satin Grey High Gloss/Sand High Gloss






German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Lux Range




The Maracaibo light décor of the Lux kitchen in conjunction with natural sunlight creates a warm and organic kitchen. The high gloss lacquer versions of the Lux kitchen will give your room the wow factor.





Designs you can touch

German Kitchens in East Antrim, Modern, Touch Range




German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Touch Range



German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Touch Range



German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Touch Range


Trend theme! The new naturalness combines elegant, matt black elements with fronts in an authentic oak look that are barely distinguishable from real oak to the touch. Strong contrasts that create a cosy atmosphere in a modern way.





White High Gloss



German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Pura Range


German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Pura Range


German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Pura Range


The Pura kitchen is designed specifically for young families and has a calm colour scheme to match the handle-less lacquer fixtures and fittings. The cooker is mounted to the wall and slots in seamlessly to the overall style of the room.

If you would like a Pura German kitchen installed in the East Antrim area, please get in touch.






Nautical Pine Reproduction/Oak Provence Reproduction

German Kitchens in East Antrim. Modern, Rio Range




German Kitchens in East Antrim, Modern, Rio Range



German Kitchens in East Antrim, Modern, Rio Range



German Kitchens in East Antrim, Modern, Rio Range


The stunning wood reproductions are the optimum choice for homes that are in the cottage style. The white and ivory designs create a warm and natural atmosphere that blends in to a rural home with a traditional design.





A design that focuses on the holistic aspect. The new concrete shade Sand used on the fronts and the large-format sliding doors in sand-coloured tones blend in perfectly with one another. As they do with the décor of the worktop with its real ceramic surface.









The concrete-look kitchen designed to ceiling height is all about intelligent storage space. The favourite piece here is the extra-high glass wall unit Flat. Helps in an almost invisible way: the universal organisation system Open Space, which allows drawers to be divided in an individual and variable manner.





Spacious design.

An open concept kitchen in the truest sense of the word. The media wall system was designed using elements from the same material. A beautiful example of kitchen and living area merging and forming a beautiful living space.









StoneArt is a new range in laminate design that embodies the trend toward large-sized stone finishes. Thanks to its special three-dimensional surface, StoneArt turns the décor Grey slate reproduction into a front with exceptional aesthetics and natural appearance. The perfect match for this décor is upright panels and worktops in the new design Xtra. Flush mounted hot plates and sinks reinforce this modern, straightforward look.





Timeless elegance.

Those who like clear lines and muted colours will love this design. The expressive fronts in Nero oak and the elegant designer glass fronts Square join forces to create a timelessly modern ambience.










Living close to nature.

A beautiful combination for feeling connected to nature. Savour the beauty of wood with the natural look of Havana oak décor. This is how beautiful working from home can be! As part of the overall concept, we have created a workspace that blends harmoniously into the open kitchen and living area.





Ivory Softmatt/White Softmatt/Alpine White/Satin Grey/Montana Pine Reproduction/Virginia Oak Reproduction/Sand/Ceramic Grey Reproduction









The light colours and innovative solutions really tie the room together. The laminate fronts are easy to look after, and the very tall wall units give you abundant space to take advantage of. The breakfast bars open up the kitchen and provide ample room for you and your family.





Alpine White Supermatt/Slate Grey Supermatt/Savannah Supermatt/Ivory Supermatt/Aqua Supermatt/Satin Grey Supermatt/Black Supermatt









The warm wood design of the Touch kitchen produces a room that is very much in trend right now. The kitchen is designed with ergonomic principles in mind to offer total functionality.







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